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Negotiation, Persuasion, Communication and Conflict Resolution Courses

Your business days are series of negotiations. You might go from persuading team members to take on a new project, to resolving employee conflicts, to dealing with customer complaints, or negotiating payment terms with suppliers or customers. How do you approach these daily situations with more confidence, efficiency, and success? Take our negotiation courses and level up with our persuasion, influence and conflict resolution training.

The Negotiation Success Program


This negotiation course teaches you the necessary skills to improve the probability of success in your negotiations. This is our most popular program and has been delivered to some of the largest companies in the world to help them achieve negotiation success.

Whether you’re in sales, procurement, project management, or leadership positions, this negotiation course gives you all the tools you need in other to be successful. The development of your team’s negotiation skill set is essential to that. With this negotiation course you will get all the tools you need to successfully close more negotiations successfully.

The Procurement Fundamentals Course


The Procurement Fundamentals Program is designed to teach what you need to do to become an effective procurement professional. It is built with the Procurement Analyst and Procurement Specialist in mind. Throughout this entire program we will be covering the essentials of what it takes to succeed in procurement, strategic sourcing and as a category focused professional…

The Procurement-for-Sales Course


What does procurement actually do? How do they think?

This course is designed to help salespeople learn more about procurement, how they think, how they are rewarded, how their departments are structured, and how their decisions are made. Salespeople are often confused by the truths (and myths) that often plague the relationship between procurement and sales and how to navigate that relationship. In this course you will learn which questions to ask and what procurement actually thinks of you.

The Conflict Resolution Course


Is the conflict in your workplace creating problems? Are you feeling less productive because of it?

Learning how to resolve that conflict drives productivity and peace in the workplace. In this course we will introduce you to the principles of conflict resolution, help you understand conflict and its effects on you, your colleagues and your business, and teach you how to resolve conflict. We will teach you how to diagnose conflict, manage conflict, and resolve conflict. You will learn, be able to distinguish, and practice the conflict resolution in a roleplay scenario.

Set Us Apart

We Provide Reality Focused Training

Our training has been field-tested by sales and procurement leaders in some of the largest organizations in the world. It is designed to be practical and applicable to what you do on a day-to-day basis so that it is as relevant and useable as possible. We’re not into fluff. Our goals is to stay well clear of academic type scenarios. We want our training to be as reality based as possible. This allows you to truly live the experience. There is no substitute for real life experiences and on-the-job experiences. We truly believe that our training needs to mimic that as closely as possible. That’s why we hire real life practitioners and not academics. Don’t get us wrong, academics is great. It provides us a lot of things to think about on how we may approach negotiations, persuasion and conflict resolution, but dealing in a reality based environment leads to better learning outcomes and better results for all parties.

Training that Drives Results for Every Business


Reduce the Cost of Acquisition

What if your fixed costs could be reduced?

Your business has fixed and variable costs that it incurs to get the things it needs to run. What if the fixed cost weren’t as fixed as you thought? What if you could reduce those fixed costs? And what if you could better predict your variable costs? Use our negotiation courses to help you reduce your fixed costs and better predict your variable costs.


Increase the Profitability of Sales

Imagine if you could negotiate more profit and sales from your customers?

Your business is here to make money. If you’re not making money, you’re not surviving and thriving. Imagine if you could dramatically improve your profitability by negotiating with existing customers. Our negotiation courses teaches your sales teams how to increase revenue and sales through methods of negotiation, persuasion, and influence.


Increase Productivity

Reduce conflict and improve productivity.

Conflict is a part of every workplace. It happens. But what if you could reduce conflict and thereby maximize your productivity and the productivity of your team? Conflict drains companies of time and dramatically reduces the workplace productivity. The amount of time and energy conflict takes can be detrimental and sometimes cancerous in an organization. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Take a conflict resolution course to find effective ways to reduce conflict in your workplace.

Engaging Training

Medium Testimonial

“Would highly recommend for your client-facing account management and sales teams!”

“Mark blew us away with his energetic engagement and mastery of the course content. We had unanimously positive feedback from the course participants that far exceeded other third party training we have provided in the past.”

— Scott Young, VP Sales at Garda World